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De ses innombrables périples, y compris dans les pires régions tenues par les Talibans, elle a ramené plusieurs certitudes sur les causes de l’échec de la politique américaine. A Kaboul, quelques proches du pouvoir se remplissent les poches à la vue de tous, alors que les gens ordinaires n’ont rien. D’après Muqadas, la plus grande erreur des américains restera d’avoir soutenu un gouvernement si largement corrompu que l’Afghanistan se situe en tête de la liste noire, quelque part entre la Birmanie et la Somalie..

Criterion (vi): The dramatic landscape of Rio de Janeiro has provided inspiration for many forms of art, literature, poetry, and music. Images of Rio, which show the bay, Sugar Loaf and the statue of Christ the Redeemer have had a high worldwide recognition factor, since the middle of the 19th century. Such high recognition factors can be either positive or negative: in the case of Rio, the image that was projected, and still is projected, is one of a staggeringly beautiful location for one of the world’s biggest cities..

(Polygonal modeling, Wikipedia))geometry, a vertex (plural vertices) is a special kind of point which describes the corners or intersections of geometric shapes. Vertices are commonly used in computer graphics to define the corners of surfaces (typically triangles) in 3D models, where each such point is given as a vector. A vertex of a polygon is the point of intersection of two edges, a vertex of a polyhedron is the point of intersection of three or more edges or face.

One of the most famous workshops in Reims was the workshop called « Antiquisant » because its style was seemingly influenced by Roman, even Greek, models. For example, this Workshop produced the extraordinary Visitation group of the central portal (right embrasure): small, tight, « wet » folds; solid, realistic bodies, discernable beneath the drapery; pronounced outward thrust of the hip; visages of « antique » grandeur; calm, tranquil, timeless and thus difficult to date (c. 1240 1245 ?).

J’ai du faire une prise de sang pour verifier que le taux d’hormones baissait bien or celui etait passé à 2712. Je suis donc retournée voir mon gynéco qui m’a dit que je faisais peut etre une grossesse extra utérine ou une grossesse normale. J’ai donc repassé une echo le 24 juin là ils ont trouvé un sac ovulaire de 8.3 mm dans l’utérus.

On the issue of prostitution, E. Badinter blames the abolitionists, whom she calls « prohibitionists », for conflating prostitution with rape and thus making prostituted women into « absolute victims » by refusing to hear their voices. Is it ignorance or dishonesty which brings her to discard the numerous testimonies of prostitutes and « survivors » published in the media, books or on line, speaking of the hell these women have gone through and their desire to emerge from it (4) ? Badinter proves dishonest when she labels the struggle against this modern global scale slavery, a « war against prostitutes ».

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