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The full length painting of Hart as Circe was seen in August 1782 by the poet Anna Seward, who recorded her friend Mrs Knowles’s response: ‘What a number of bad, indifferent, moderate, good, and very good pictures must the hand paint ere it attains the sublimity of that figure’.4 The present painting may be considered, following Kidson, as a study towards achieving the ‘sublimity’ of the dramatic full length picture. However, Romney’s painting practice defied conventional distinctions between the finished and unfinished, the sketch and the completed work, and according to Kidson’s careful documentation of these works it appears that what survives as the larger full length canvas was also left in an unfinished state by the artist. That painting was only given its current completed appearance after Romney’s death (by the artist’s friend, the physician and amateur artist William Long, who had purchased it from the posthumous artist’s sale) and was subjected to further significant changes in the late nineteenth century.5 Importantly, the Tate picture has been visibly cut down from a larger canvas, although to what extent and at what date is unknown, but certainly before 1848 when it was documented as being framed as a circular composition.6 Whether the surviving canvas was in fact part of what was originally a full length picture, which might properly be considered as an alternative version of the extant (and originally unfinished) full length, rather than a preparation for it, or whether it was only a little larger and was indeed created as a relatively spontaneous study cannot be definitively established.

Michel Crépu, autre camarade de jeu de Jérôme Garcin, avait gagné ses galons d’ami dans les années 90 avec quelques critiques élogieuses. Dans La Croix (2 mars 1998) : Il y a là une émotion retenue, une sourde volonté, une forme d’amour farouche qui donnent le ton. Et ce ton est juste Dans L’Express (10 septembre 1998) : Littérature Vagabonde [est un] délicieux tour de visites admiratives et amicales auprès de quelques uns des plus beaux écrivains de France et de langue française.

A management plan (2009 2014) was formulated with initiatives encompassing commercial hunting, motorized vehicles, navigation, recreational activities, research and information. When the plan was presented at a public meeting, many citizens joined the discussion about the management of the World Heritage site.Island of Mozambique (Mozambique)Decades of wars and economic stagnation allowed the former historic capital, on the Island of Mozambique, to lapse into decay. Under a truly multi donor rehabilitation project with financing from Japan, Portugal, the Flemish Government of Belgium, the Netherlands and the Union of Luso Afro American Asian Capital Cities more than 100 local and Mozambican professionals and students were trained in traditional building techniques, using local building materials and decorative principles to restore the fortress and install a new public water cistern.Old Walled City of Shibam (Yemen)The 16th century Old Walled City of Shibam, Yemen, nicknamed ‘the Manhattan of the desert’, has been under threat of destruction because of the abandonment of the old agricultural flood management system in the wadi surrounding the city and the overloading of the traditional sanitary systems.

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